Hi, besties!


Hello friends of the Busted Business Bureau!

Each week, I work incredibly hard to create a gorgeous hourlong-ish episode of podcasting that weaves together comedy and research on a variety of businesses.

For an average episode, I'll read a few books, pirate acquire online articles, and listen to interviews/podcasts about the topics I cover. The scripts I write average around 5,000 words a piece, which I refer to when talking to my lovely guest-of-the-week. This consumes both my time and resources, and on top of the FOUR JOBS I currently work, it's a bit much! 

My ultimate goal with this Patreon is to make enough money to be able to drop my other side hustles and focus on creating this body of work. Girl's gotta eat! But a girl's also gotta dream! So, will you please join me on the journey to becoming a podcaster?