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Great show!

I love this podcast! I always get so excited when a new episode shows up in my feed. The episodes are incredibly well researched and sources are cited throughout, which I appreciate. Christian approaches complex topics in a fun, non-judgmental way. I’ve laughed out loud to this podcast many times and would recommend it to everyone- not just the girlies!

This podcast is a major slay

I’m convinced that Christian and I would be best friends irl and she’s retweeted me several times so I’m accepting that as canon. Her humor is incredible and the cadence between well-researched, awful facts and light-hearted humor is exactly what I want in a podcast. The Monsanto season was truly remarkable - it was like a Netflix special. I like listening to this podcast while driving or doing chores bc it just feels like friends hangin’ out, laughing, and sharing truly disturbing facts about awful businesses. Fun! 10/10

for the girls!

ngl this is the podcast that got me into podcasts (late i know!) and i’m going to be so sad when i run out of episodes to binge and have to wade the waters of podcasts that aren’t this funny or well-rearched. the chemistry between christian and her guests is so fun and the episodes never make you feel like you could’ve read a wikipedia page and gotten the gist of it. i even recommended this to my mom, who famously hates monsanto, and she thought it was “well researched but a little laughy.” high praise from shannon!

A nerdy post-boozy brunch convo with friends

I’ve come to really love this show! The amount of research that goes into these episodes is deep, but the delivery is funny and easy to digest. Idk why, but the episode about rats was so fascinating to me. I love the diverse perspectives that are heard in this space. It’s like a nerdy post-boozy brunch convo with friends. So good.

omg the finale

im sad this is over can you all do more? i enjoy you three +producer a lot <3 idk why i am writing myspace style but ty for informing me on all this horror. DOOOOOD you should do north korea.. just thought of that ok done love it n don’t stop xoxo

Love this show

I look forward to new episodes every week!

One of my new favorites!

Well researched and genuinely funny, this podcast dives into interesting topics and gives them the time they deserve while somehow feeling quick and snappy. It’s a joy to listen to, even for this straight white conservative male !

Such a fun listen!

Each episode is well-researched and hilarious. Listen now! Started with the iO episode and was hooked. Christian is our newest podcast darling!


The music absolutely slaps. Great story telling and research. Thanks for making my commute fun and informative!

My new fav podcast!

If you enjoy Adam Ruins Everything, Cold Fusion, Tom Scott, and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, with just a sprinkle of female gaze, there’s something for you in this podcast! Each episode covers a topic or company that’s niche and specific, but along the way, Christian hilariously and thought-provokingly tears through the sticky ugly goofy side of American big business.


Beyond obsessed. So fun to listen to!!

Exciting, Lighthearted, Fun Listen

This show is fascinating and makes me laugh with horror every episode.


This podcast is pretty freaking funny. Girlboss.

Everything I wanted in a Podcast

I love this show! I binged this in a week and can’t wait for more episodes to come out. Well researched, funny, eye opening and just a little bit chaotic.

Great idea for a podcast!

Just a great idea for a show, well researched and explained. Can’t wait for more.

Can’t wait to hear more

This is fantastic. I love good conversations about really interesting and informative topics where the humor is natural and isn’t forced. You’ll come away from every episode shocked at these random institutions that have been around forever but few have done deep dives about. More episodes PLEASE.

Detailed and Engaging!!

Seriously, I LOVE when a podcast is both super entertaining AND leaves me learning something new. This is a great combination of engaging storytelling and casual conversation - Christian really makes me feel like I’m part of the action. Great topics and even better hosting!

I like this podcast.

Christian is so good at distilling huge amounts of info into an engaging, 60 minute time frame. She is so fun, her guests are so fun, this podcast is so fun. Listen on in!

5 stars

Only women should do comedy

Best New Podcast of 2022!!!

Honest to god, this show is so fun, informational, and interesting. Christian does an amazing job hosting and researching, and I really feel like they have fun in the studio. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this!

Fun with learny sprinkled on top

Great addition to my addiction!! Looking forward to the 100th episode. Pod on!!!!!

great job, me!

i worked hard on this podcast and am a 5 star gal methinks